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Jordan Spieth's tee shot get saved by a fan's butt, hilarious commentary ensues

January 22, 2016

Tour pros hitting the occasional fan is part of the game. When it happens, we can only hope that no one gets seriously hurt, including the golfer, who can wind up with an awful lie after a bad bounce. But with Jordan Spieth's magic touch these days, such an incident turned into something even better.

Spieth's errant tee shot in the second round of the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship hit a fan squarely on the butt, which kept his ball from going in the hazard. Good news for Spieth. And while getting hit by a tour pro's speeding tee shot is never good news, getting hit in the backside -- especially if you have a little extra cushion -- is as good as it gets.

Throw in the fact that Golf Channel commentators Dougie Donnelly and Ken Brown turned the moment into their own two-man comedy show, and Jordan's really bad shot produced some really good TV. Check it out:

"I think, perhaps, that was a real stroke of fortune -- not for the spectator, but for Jordan Spieth," Donnelly gets the ball rolling.

"I think he's going to have a nasty bruise on the derriere, and he's getting NO sympathy from the lady. She thinks it's absolutely hilarious," Brown said. "Dear, dear, that was nearly a plugged lie."

"He'll be standing at the bar tonight," Donnelly adds.

They'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitresses.