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Jordan Spieth’s ‘got just a little too much in his head’

May 26, 2016

The dissection of Jordan Spieth’s issues continued unabated on the Golf Channel Thursday during the telecast of the first round of the Dean & DeLuca Invitational at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

Brandel Chamblee, Peter Kostis and Craig Perks all weighed in. Here’s the exchange:

Chamblee: “Lot of conversation about his golf swing last week. In general he stands over the ball a lot longer this year than last year. When you’re doing that you’re usually thinking golf swing, not golf shot. The longer you stand over the ball the more apt you’re going to take the club away quick. The more apt you are going to have a quick change of direction, which means you’re going to get in front of it, and you’re going to miss your lines. And that is it. That’s all that’s going on with this kid right now, is that he’s got just a little too much in his head.”


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Kostis: “I just think that Jordan needs to hit more fairways. That’s really the key for him. He’s complained about his proximity to the hole on his approach shots, but it’s hard to get close to the hole from the rough. I was impressed last week with how far he’s hitting the ball, however. I think they’ve done that part of the equation, he and his coach [Cameron McCormick]. But now they’ve got to find it.”

Perks: “What’s a little concerning is the body language, berating himself. I think the mental attitude and the makeup is most important. He’s been exasperated a lot, maybe too demonstrative at times.”

Kostis: “That’s his way of coping with it. You’re not going to be happy and have great body language when you’re not hitting fairways. I really think he needs to just put the ball in play however he can and then go from there. These great players set very high bars for themselves, and when they don’t reach them they get frustrated.”