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Jordan Spieth's dream season continues with trip back to alma mater

September 13, 2015

If Jordan Spieth hadn't turned pro when he was 19, he would have just graduated from the University of Texas a few months ago. Instead, he returned to his alma mater a few years after that smart decision already a conquering hero of the sports world.

Spieth appeared on the Longhorn Network's "Texas Gameday":

And then he took the field at halftime to be honored along with all the Texas athletes who won Big XII titles last year. Spieth flashed the "hook 'em" sign, wore his prized green jacket, and showed off the trophies from his wins this year at the Masters and U.S. Open:

But that might not have even been the highlight of the day for the 22-year-old star. You know how Ohio State's big honor is getting to "dot the i" with the marching band? Well, the UT band took it a bit further:

And a struggling Longhorns team even scored 42 points in a win (albeit against Rice University). A good ending to a great Saturday for Spieth.