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Jordan Spieth subbed in on Grandparents' Day at his sister's school

July 15, 2015

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland -- It's easy to think of Jordan Spieth as some robot programmed to win golf tournaments considering the year he's had, but during his pre-tournament press conference he reminded everyone there's a lot more to like about him than his ability to get a ball in a hole.

Spieth has a close relationship with his family, including his sister, Ellie, who has special needs. When asked about her, the 21-year-old star told a sweet story about visiting her at school on "grandparents' day":

"I was her grandparent on grandparents' day, whenever that was, earlier in the year," Spieth said. "You don't have the time you do in high school to go in there. But any time I'm home I'm spending time with Ellie. I take her to school, pick her up, spend time at my parents house or she'll come over and hang out, my whole family will. When I'm home, I like to spend as much time as I can with my family because we're on the road so much, and I'm fortunate that I live five minutes from them, and it's very easy when I am home."