Jordan Spieth reveals how Barack Obama used trash talk and aliens(?) to win their recent match

October 27, 2017

Jordan Spieth shared a photo of him on the golf course with Barack Obama on Monday. On Thursday, he provided some details on his match with the former President. And they didn't disappoint.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Spieth told two great tales about playing with Obama, which both involved No. 44 trying to get into the 24-year-old's head. First, Obama told Spieth that one of the perks of being POTUS is getting to see aliens.

"He goes, 'they're freaking crazy looking.' And then he walks up, makes his putt, turns back, walks off the green, leaves it at that and gives me a wink," Spieth said. "And I'm sitting there, I'm not going to sleep for a week!"

Then on the final hole, Spieth, who insists he was trying to beat Obama in a team match, said Obama faced an impossible double-breaking 10-footer for the win as a small crowd gathered. Obama declared that he never misses when there's a crowd on the final hole, sunk the putt, and said, "Told you." Of course, Spieth tells these stories even better. Check out the funny clip:

Then Spieth also hit shots at a spinning James Corden, because, well, late-night TV:

But who knew talking about aliens could rattle Spieth so much? Fellow tour pros should take note. And how about President Obama pulling Spieth's leg like that? At least, we think he was pulling his leg. . .