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Jordan Spieth recovered from his Masters loss by playing Ping-Pong

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. -- After the final round of the 2014 Masters, Jordan Spieth's mind kept drifting: to thoughts of losing the Masters; of one day winning it; to Sunday's tee shot on the 12th hole -- the only shot, he said, he would like to have taken a mulligan on.

"I let the 20-year-old inside of me just barely slip out," he said. "I held it in so long of playing safe, and I hate having a 9-iron and not being able to go at the pin."


When Spieth got home after the round he was, by every measure, exhausted. Here's what he said about unwinding on Sunday night:

"I just wanted to hang out with (my friends and family) and just kind of soak in the week. Although I did that in between rounds, as well, I wasn't able to kind of really have the full experience of just seeing everybody. I tried to stay away from talking golf and stay away from the tournament.

"We went back and had some dinner back at [my manager's] house, and just played some Ping-Pong, pool, hung out for the night. After the media and everything, when we got away from the golf course it was pretty late. We just slept it. . .it meant a lot to me to have close family and family friends there."