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Jordan Spieth likes to wear his green jacket around the house

UNIVERSITY PLACE, WASH. -- Jordan Spieth was one of the first players to visit the media center Monday at Chambers Bay, and as usual, he gave a thoughtful, thorough presser. (And yes, he seemed "mature." Which I only bring up because there's a significant fine from all of golf's ruling bodies if you write a Spieth story and leave out that magic word.)

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The best moment of all came when someone asked him about the green jacket.

Q.> Where is the Green Jacket this week and when is the last time you slipped it on and where was that? JORDAN SPIETH: It's at home. I didn't bring it for this stretch, for this week, here. I think I put it on last week at some point. But it's at my house right now and it's perfectly content there. And I hope to keep it there for many years to come

My ears perked, but it seemed very much like the presser was about to move on as the moderator searched for the next question. At that moment, the AP's Doug Ferguson pulled off a heroic interruption in the nick of time:

Q.> Why did you put it on? JORDAN SPIETH: Why? Just to make sure it was still in the case (laughter). No, I think I was just kind of watching TV and wanted to slip it on, just kind of felt like it (laughter). Why wouldn't I put it on, to be honest with you?

When you read that parenthetical (laughter) in transcripts, it often means one guy in the back row giggling to himself for reasons that may or may not be related to what the player said. Not this time -- this was legitimate laughter. Personally, I loved the detail, because I know if I ever won a Masters, I would absolutely wear the green jacket for no reason at all, at any opportunity, including every single time I went out in public.

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There's something really cool about knowing Spieth behaves like any of us, and also that he's open enough to admit it. Plus, you can't beat the image of the young star just chilling out on his couch, watching TV, wearing the most coveted prize in golf. It's like something out of a SportsCenter commercial, and it's a neat look at a player who becomes more and more likable with every passing tournament.

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