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Jordan Spieth 'is a guy you want to pile into from a marketing standpoint'

May 07, 2015

Jordan Spieth's victory in the Masters was staggeringly good for his personal brand, according to Repucom and its CelebrityDBI, a global index that quantifies consumer perceptions of celebrities.


Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes reported that in March only 19 percent of Americans could identify Spieth by name or image. After his Masters victory, that number jumped to 36 percent, an increase of 85 percent.

"Repucom measures individual attributes as part of its polling and Spieth is now the highest-ranked athlete in five of the eight attributes it tracks," Badenhausen wrote. "He tops the charts for aspiration, breakthrough, endorsement, trendsetter and trust."

In the aspiration attribute, Spieth ranks fourth among the thousands of celebrities that Repucom tracks, behind only Tom Hanks, Bill Gates and Kate Middleton.

"These numbers, while impressive and meteoric, will fall off over time," Repucom executive Peter Laatz told Badenhausen. "The attribute scores will come back a little, but I don't think they will fall dramatically."

The bottom line is, well, his bottom line. His financial future, already flourishing with a portfolio that includes AT&T and Under Armour, is at least as bright as his future in golf.

"Brands want to keep their risk low and have as high an upside as possible when they are looking to put their mark on people," Laatz said. "This is a guy you want to pile into from a marketing standpoint."