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Jordan Spieth fires back at Larry David for his "wildly bald" comment -- OK, not really

September 15, 2015

The October issue of Golf Digest contains a Q&A with comedian Larry David in which he's asked if he has "any thoughts on Jordan Spieth?" Being Larry David, of course he focused on anything but golf in his answer:

"He's going to be a bald man. He's going to be wildly bald. This makes him way more appealing to me. It's one thing to handle the pressure of the back nine at Augusta; let's see how he does when he sees all that hair in the tub. That's pressure. I'll be watching him very carefully. He's 22. He's got three years, maybe four. He's done."

And if anyone would know, it's David. After all, it was reminiscent of the scene from Seinfeld in which George Costanza -- a character based on David -- informs Elaine's boyfriend he's going bald and that he has "14 months, maybe 10." His advice? "Live, damn it! Live!"

On Wednesday, ESPN's Jason Sobel asked Spieth if he had seen David's comments. He had. And he was NOT happy. OK, not so much:

"Yeah, that was pretty funny," Spieth told Sobel. "Hey, nothing I can do about it."

Good attitude, Jordan. And after being honored at a UT football game on Saturday and watching his Dallas Cowboys from a luxury box with Tiger Woods on Sunday, Spieth seems to be living it up just fine.