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Jordan Spieth cursed out announcer (and buddy) Kevin Kisner for bothering him before the final round

January 11, 2024

Chris Condon

Say this for Kevin Kisner as a broadcaster after making his TV debut for NBC last week: He's not afraid to say what he's thinking on air. Nor is he afraid to also say it to the players' faces.

OK, so Kisner's first such brush with one of his peers also happened to be one of his best buds on the PGA Tour in Jordan Spieth. But according to the three-time champ on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, it was Kisner who came up to him to let him know he'd been taking some jabs from the booth, most notably over a short missed putt.

"Yeah, he actually came up and told me the shots he was taking while I was warming up on Sunday, which is like 101 don't do that," Spieth said on the Gravy & The Sleeze Show. "So I was like, 'You're a d---, please leave."

Incredible exchange. That being said, Spieth also had some kind words for Kisner. Kind of.

"But I heard it went well, because, honestly, anything where Kiz didn't get fired or canceled, I think would be a success in Week 1," Spieth said. "So from what I heard, it went well."

No, if you watch the full clip above, he actually went on to say Kisner would be great because of how close he is to the guys on tour, and that he's able to provide insight to viewers that few can. Kisner just might want to avoid bothering guys—even his besties—who are trying to win a golf tournament on Sunday.

This week, however, Kisner will be on the range as a player competing in the Sony Open. Hopefully, his new NBC buddies go easier on him than he did on Spieth last week.