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Jordan Peele is not Jordan Poole but appreciates your kind words anyway

March 19, 2018


Jordan Peele has transformed from comedian to sketch artist to author of one of the more thoughtful and reflective allegories about slavery and race relations in cinematic history. As versatile as his skills are, however, he has not added "sharpshooter" to that list. Although he's more than happy to take credit for such non-existent savvy.

At least, that was the message from Peele to his Twitter followers on Sunday. Which may have something to do with this:

That would be Jordan Poole, a freshman for the Michigan Wolverines, March Madness hero and one who is decidedly not Peele. It appears some well-meaning Tweeps got snarled in stylistic literary, sending their compliments to Peele instead of Poole.

Hey, an indirect, single shoutout from one of culture's most esteemed auteurs is just as good as 30,000 "You're the man!" messages, right?