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Jon Rahm is really, REALLY good at hitting flop shots with a 6-iron

June 28, 2017

Us weekend hackers are constantly reminded how much better PGA Tour pros are at golf than we are. Pretty much every shot they hit is something we could only dream of pulling off. But they can also do things we can't even dream of. Stuff like, say, hitting a perfect flop shot. While using a 6-iron.

In his first year as a pro, Jon Rahm has showed off an incredible short game that's put him on a short list of the best players in the world (Yes, all parts of the World No. 11's game are impressive). But while in France for his first European Tour event, Rahm got extra creative on the range. Check it out:

But don't get any ideas. If you're going to attempt a flop shot -- especially with anyone else around -- please stick to using a lob wedge.