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John Peterson reposts his famed "Happy Gilmore" tee shot after it disappears from the Internet

December 04, 2017

Many have imitated Adam Sandler's ridiculous golf swing in Happy Gilmore, but only one person has tried it during an actual PGA Tour round. For that, John Peterson is infamous. For hitting a great drive with that funky action, he's a folk hero.

Peterson pulled off the trick on his opening tee shot during the final round of the 2015 CIMB Classic. In dead last when he arrived to the first tee, Peterson figured what the heck. We'd say he gave the fans in Malaysia a show, but we're not sure if anyone even realized what he was doing.

On social media, the clip quickly went viral thanks in large part to fellow tour pro Jason Dufner sharing it. But somewhere along the way, proof of Peterson's mythical shot disappeared, probably partly due to TV rights and partly due to the PGA Tour reportedly not being too pleased with the first-tee shenanigans. In any event, the highlight is back after Peterson reposted it. At least, for now. Enjoy:

Peterson made par on the hole and shot a final-round 66. "Let it be known if you Gilmore it off the first on Sunday you shoot 6 under," he said at the time. Thanks for the tip, John. And thanks for reposting.