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John Daly thinks he'll be invited to Donald Trump's inauguration

November 10, 2016


It's no surprise that many PGA Tour players voted for Donald Trump in this year's presidential election. To John Daly, however, he was also voting for a longtime friend. And now that Trump has been named the next President of the United States, Daly believes he'll be on hand to see the official transfer of power.

In an interview with TMZ Sports this week, Daly was asked if he'd attend the inauguration. Here was the two-time major winner's response:

"If I'm around, I would love to. Yes, I think I will be invited," Daly said, who also hopes to play golf with Trump again soon. "If not, I understand, but I would love to go if there's a chance I could go."

Wait, does that mean JD would attend the inaugural ball, too? Might as well, right? Plus, it looks like he already has the perfect jacket for it: