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John Daly says he once threw $55,000 off a bridge because his wife was annoying him

December 19, 2016

2016 Ryan Young/PGA TOUR

Nothing should surprise us when it comes to John Daly being careless with money. After all, this is a man who estimates he's gambled away more than $50 MILLION and who was recently lampooned by Saturday Night Live for blowing his money. But this story about Daly literally throwing away money is still stunning.

Daly was recently on ESPN Radio's Dan LeBatard show last week and he told a tale about tossing $55,000 in cash off a bridge. Why? Because his then-wife, Sherrie, was getting on him about his gambling. Here's how Daly tells the story (You can listen to the full interview here):

"I won like $55,000 in the casino and I said (to Sherrie), if you’re going to yell and scream at me about this, I threw it over the bridge going over to Memphis from Arkansas. I threw all the money out the window and said, 'You know what, if you want that money, you can go find it. But let me tell you something, you don’t have a job. You're not working. I'm supporting you, I’m paying all the bills.'

"My buddy took her to a McDonald’s drive-thru and got her two cheeseburgers and some french fries and a soda, and (was like), ‘OK, this is how you can live from now on if that’s the way you want it.'"

We guess that's one way to handle that situation. . .

According to Sherrie, in her 2011 book Teed Off: My life as a player's wife on the PGA Tour, she did go back to the spot and spend hours trying to collect the cash Daly had tossed out the car window. Either way, that's a lot of dough to dump.