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John Daly responds to The Rock's 490-yard drive claim as only John Daly can

March 24, 2017

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got the attention of golfers everywhere earlier this week by claiming to have hit a 490-yard drive. That's right, a 490-yard drive. FOUR. Nine. Zero.

Many have weighed in on The Rock's supposed feat of strength -- including us -- but when a long drive legend speaks up, you listen. Enter John Daly, who shared his thoughts on the mythical shot with TMZ. Have a look:

The main takeaway is that Daly says The Rock's claim is "highly unlikely," and that he'd "have to see it to believe it." However, Daly states, "If I had that body, I'd be hitting it 490 yards myself," so. . . you're saying there's a chance?

Daly also says he'd love to meet The Rock and play golf with him, something we're surprised hasn't happened yet with these two larger-than-life characters. And if The Rock is reading this, we'd also love to meet you and watch you crush drives -- or just smash random objects with a golf club. Let's make it happen, Dwayne! Do you mind if we call you Dwayne? (We hope he doesn't mind.)