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John Daly just shot 90, his worst round ever on the PGA Tour (here's a snapshot of all his others)

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

John Daly isn't really known as an out-and-out grinder, but that's not a criticism. On the contrary; Daly's most ardent supporters would likely say that's all part of his charm.

Daly shot 90 at the Valspar Championship on Friday, which included five bogeys, three doubles, a 12 on a par 4, no birdies, and one fantastic quote:

Daly: "It was a good 12. I got up-and-down for 12."

-- Doug Ferguson (@dougferguson405) March 14, 2014

That made us want to crunch the numbers and we did -- all of his PGA Tour rounds since 1986, the year he played his first event. Here are some of the more interesting things we found out about John Daly's worst rounds. And just to clarify: we're considering his worst rounds as any score over 80.

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In his 1,537 PGA Tour rounds since 1986 (not including the Valspar Championship), John Daly has shot 80 or higher 70 times.

About four percent of all John Daly's competitive rounds have been over 80, the equivalent of 2.5 every year (high compared to the rest of the tour).

John Daly has shot 89 once, 88 twice, 87 once, and 86 twice.

Before the Valspar Championship, Daly had never shot over 89.

Twenty-one of Daly's 70 rounds over 80 have come in major championships.

Daly has shot at least one round in the 80s every year since 1991.

When Daly shoots over 80, his average is 81.6.

And finally, in recent years, John Daly usually shoots 80 wearing brightly-colored pants.

This week at the Valspar:

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