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John Daly and Jesper Parnevik got lost driving to a PGA Tour Champions event

August 30, 2016

We've been told you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but can you teach old golfers how to use GPS? Apparently, that's not easy, either.

John Daly and Jesper Parnevik were driving through Canada together to the next stop on the PGA Tour Champions on Monday when they got lost. Fortunately, Jesper filmed a bit of their road-trip struggle.

"My god, where are we going?" Daly wonders aloud as Parnevik bursts out laughing. "Where are we going?"

"Beautiful, though," Parnevik says moments later.

"It is gorgeous, huh?" Daly responds.

And according to the two-time major champ, the trip ended well. Phew.

Still, this seems ripe for a new reality TV series: On the road with John & Jesper. Let's make this happen, folks.