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John Boehner showered with golf gifts on his way out as Speaker of the House

October 27, 2015

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When it comes to parting presents, it's hard to top Speaker of the House John Boehner's bag swag.

In his last week before retirement, the 65-year-old politician was bestowed a bounty of golf gifts from his fellow Republicans, including a new set of clubs, a bag and his own golf cart.

That's right, his OWN golf cart:

Boehner is an avid golfer, and one of Washington's best. Despite an unconventional approach -- Boehner swings from the right, but putts from the left -- Golf Digest's Top Political Golfers list had the Ohio Representative at a 7.9 handicap. Armed with new equipment, accessories and more free time, expect that number to go down.

By the way, if that's the goodbye offertory associated with the Speaker of the House gig, let this be my formal announcement for candidacy for the vacated spot. Here's my resume: I don't know how to balance a budget, my attempts at humor are misguided and offensive, I'm terrible at conflict resolution and I piss off most of my co-workers.

In short, I'm perfect for the job.