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Why Joel Dahmen is owed at least 17 steak dinners from his fellow pros at Sony


Michael Reaves

No tour pro wants to miss a four-footer, particularly one for birdie on his final hole of the day. Those are the type that make dinner taste a hell of a lot better that evening regardless of where you are on the leader board.

For Dahmen, though, his short miss at the par-5 ninth (his 18th) on Friday at the Sony Open earned him, at minimum, 17 free dinners from his fellow tour pros. Chess, not checkers, kids.

Why did Dahmen's four-footer mean so much to so many? Because the "Full Swing" star would have reached three under for the tournament had it dropped, which would have made him one of 65 players at three under or better, directly on the cut line. By missing, Dahmen brought all the guys at two under along for the rest of the weekend, 18 players in total including himself. The PGA Tour's Kevin Prise happened to be on hand to capture the week-altering moment for that select group:

To be clear, no one is suggesting Dahmen missed this on purpose. In fact, there's a good chance he thought he needed it to safely make the weekend. As he came to find out, he made it anyway, and now he's a hero to this crew:

Thanks to Dahmen, these guys all have a guaranteed paycheck coming on Sunday, and they all better set aside a few shekels for their boy:

So far, fellow Golf Twitter All-Star Michael Kim has already thanked Dahmen, saying "I owe you beers next time I see you." He's actually a White Claw guy, Michael.

Further proof that Dahmen truly is a man of the people.