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J.J. Watt played Erin Hills on the Monday after the U.S. Open -- and his scorecard shows it was a LONG day

Playing a golf course in U.S. Open conditions is enough to knock any mere mortal off their feet. J.J. Watt isn't someone you'd typically refer to as a mere mortal at anything, but when it comes to golf, the All-Pro NFL defensive lineman is just like us.

Watt, a Wisconsin native, and a 21-handicapper according to GHIN, proved that point when he teed it up at Erin Hills on Monday after his state's first U.S. Open and documented the round on Twitter. The Houston Texan predicted he'd shoot a 147, and he actually ended up exceeding his expectations.

Here are his highlights from Erin Hills:

Not the best-looking scorecard in the world, but the lineman did break his predicted score by quite a bit -- so we're sure he views the round as a success.

Yes, there were some hide-your-eyes scores: a 9 on the par-3 ninth hole, 10 on the par-4 15th hole and 10 at the par-5 18th hole. Still, there were some solid bogeys made in this round. Not bad for a 21 handicap.