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Jimmy Fallon had tour pros sneak in hilarious phrases during their press conferences this week, which explains a LOT

Earlier this week at TPC Sawgrass, there were a few very odd moments during a couple of the player press conferences in the media center. Perhaps none stranger than this exchange between a reporter from The Augusta Chronicle and former Masters winner Adam Scott:

Q. Curious if you've made any scouting trips to Augusta this year, and what do you think about the new No. 5?

ADAM SCOTT: I haven't actually. I was planning on going last week, but my wife and I went to a Reba McEntire concert, so that was a bit random. Anyway, I haven't. I've heard about the 5th. I'm looking forward to going up and playing. Obviously I will make a trip here pretty soon. I actually don't plan on playing after this before the Masters, so I've got plenty of time to go up and have a look.

A bit random? Gee, ya think. Immediately, many members of the media jumped to the conclusion that Adam Scott had to have lost a bet. No way he could have willingly gone to a Reba McEntire concert over playing Augusta National, right? Apologies to the Reba faithful, but you don't pass on ANGC to see any musician on earth, let alone REBA!

Well, on Friday, we got our answer as to why Adam Scott mentioned the Reba concert, and it wasn't because of a lost wager. Jimmy Fallon was behind it all, as Scott and a host of other top tour pros at the Players were participating in a prank game called "Drop it in," which aired on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. We've been had!

Now it all makes sense. I was actually sitting in on a few of these on Tuesday and Wednesday, including Justin Thomas', and thought nothing of the "swing it and ding it" comment he opened the press conference with. As for "sweet as toffee, hot as coffee" line from Henrik Stenson, no one batted an eye. That sounds like something that is just part of Stenson's vernacular. And how about Tiger playing along! Could you imagine him doing that back in the day? Doubt it.

Great stuff from Fallon, who has played this game before. In February, he had Stephen Curry work in multiple phrases into is All-Star weekend press conferences, and the results were equally hilarious:

Next time you hear one of your favorite sports stars use some absurd phrase, chances are Jimmy Fallon is behind it.