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Jesper Parnevik says to expect "a lot of very weird things happening" on his new reality TV show

February 27, 2015

March is going to be a big month for Jesper Parnevik. On the 7th, the Swedish golfer turns 50 making him eligible for the Champions Tour, and on the 16th, a new reality TV show starring his family debuts.

But he's only nervous about one of those events.

"I said no to people who asked me for many years to do something like this," Parnevik told "Ever since I've said yes, I've had anxiety for this. I hate bad TV."

But Parnevik is cautiously optimistic he's avoided that with "Parneviks," a show that will air on TV3 in Sweden. The program will focus on Jesper, his wife, Mia, and their four teenage children, but there will be appearances by many others, including some of Sweden's biggest celebrities, from soccer players to movie stars to politicians.

The show will be broken up into eight hour-long episodes. Here's a brief trailer, although don't expect to understand much if you haven't brushed up on your Swedish lately:

A video posted by Mia parnevik (@miaparnevik) on Feb 26, 2015 at 5:24am PST

Confused? We got Jesper to give us more details.

"It was a hectic eight weeks, but it was one of the most fun things I've ever done," said Parnevik, who described the show as a reality cross between The Office and Modern Family. "I got to meet people I wouldn't have met otherwise and hear people's life stories, how hard they work, and their ups and downs."

Not that Parnevik isn't used to having hordes of people inside his 13,000-square-foot home in Jupiter, Fla. He said there were as many as 80 (yes, 80) visitors during Christmas and that a lot of the people who make appearances on the show would have been there anyway.

"The house is always in chaos, we always have people over because Sweden is very dark in the winter," Parnevik said. "It's a big house, but it's usually not big enough."

"Everything that's happening is very real. There's going to be a lot of very weird things happening that always do here. It's not scripted at all."

Being in front of the camera wasn't a huge adjustment for Parnevik, who has long been used to his celebrity status in his home country -- both for being a star golfer and for being the son of popular entertainer/comedian Bo Parnevik. Jesper was amazed by how natural his children were during taping (we're not after seeing them perform in this "Gangnam Style" music video in 2012), and is happy they were part of the experience.

"It was cool to do as a family," he said. "It was kind of good therapy . . . we grew together."

As for growing into playing golf's senior circuit, Parnevik hopes to play a pretty full schedule -- if his body allows it.

"I've had so many injuries from cutting my finger off to Segways to hips to backs to ribs, so I never promise too much," he said. "I usually get injured around Februrary."

Fingers crossed you stay healthy this year, Jesper. And break a leg on the new show! Eh, let's stick with wishing you good luck.