Jay Buhner is trending on Twitter because RIP Jerry Stiller (AKA Frank Costanza)

May 11, 2020

We've been reminded a lot recently of just how big Michael Jordan was in the 1990s with Sunday night airings of "The Last Dance." On Monday morning, however, we got a glimpse at the importance of "Seinfeld" during that time as well.

Jay Buhner was trending on Twitter to start the week and before you get any COVID-related thoughts, rest assured the 55-year-old former MLB star is doing just fine. So why is someone who hasn't played in nearly two decades trending? Well, sadly, comedic legend Jerry Stiller, who once famously mentioned the ballplayer in his role as Frank Costanza on the iconic sitcom, has passed away at 92 from natural causes, according to son Ben.

But while the elder Stiller had many memorable moments from a long career in show business (Who could ever forget his portrayal of Maury Ballstein in "Zoolander"?), it was the Jay Buhner clip that seemed to be getting the most play on Monday morning. And for good reason.

For those of you who haven't seen "Seinfeld"—and if you still haven't, you have really wasted your time under quarantine—we'll set the scene. George Steinbrenner, played by Larry David, thinks Yankees employee George Costanza is dead so he visits George's parents to tell them the news (George has actually just snuck away for an unapproved vacation). Instead of grieving his son, Frank uses the meeting as an opportunity to berate the Yankees owner for trading away a young Jay Buhner before leaving Jerry the funniest voicemail of all time. Have a watch and listen:

Classic. RIP Jerry Stiller. Wherever your soul is now, we hope they celebrate Festivus there.