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Jason Kipnis tells hilarious story of being 'verbally assaulted' by an 8-year-old Red Sox fan

Jason Kipnis has played in the MLB for nearly a decade as a member of the Cleveland Indians. He's come up clutch in big playoff games, played in some of the most iconic stadiums in front the sport's most rabid fanbases. There is likely not a heckle he hasn't heard, and none that would surprise him anymore. Except the one time he was "verbally assaulted" by an 8-year-old in Boston. That one scars you for life.

The second baseman relayed this story to teammate Trevor Bauer, who has been a starting pitcher for the Indians since 2013. Bauer, a very vocal voice on social media, has a talk show called "Bauer Bytes," which airs on YouTube. The series is 12 episodes, each one featuring another MLB player. On the third episode, Kipnis guest-starred, and Bauer shifted the conversation to the best stories of fans "talking shit." Bauer would know more about this topic than just about any professional athlete, as his social media presence only adds to the heckling he receives at MLB stadiums.

Bauer first told one of his favorite stories of a time he snapped back at a fan at Camden Yards, then later gave up a home run only for the fan to track him down near the dugout and heckle him some more. That reminded Kipnis of the time he could hear a fan screaming "KIP, KIP!" from behind the dugout at Fenway Park. Kipnis tried to stay strong and not turn around, but eventually did, only to see a small child flip him the bird. Have a listen:

They start 'em young in Boston, you gotta give them that. Cool concept here with the animation and everything from Bauer's show. The full episode is worth a watch, but the Kipnis story and Bauer's story from Baltimore that preceded are two of the best parts. There's also a point in between the stories that Bauer catches a grasshopper with his bare hands. We'll embed below for your viewing pleasure;