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Jason Dufner's wedding day music video is a must-see

August 15, 2013

It's been a few days since Jason Dufner picked the Wanamaker Trophy for his first career major title, but the soft-spoken, deadpanning golfer has continued to collect fans for doing things other than hitting a golf ball.

First, there was the victory "hug" with his wife, Amanda. Then, a candid appearance on the Howard Stern Show. Photos of him with the Wanamaker trophy in bed, his new puppy in the Wanamaker Trophy, and him in a cryogenic freezer have gone viral. Even a photo of him unintentionally photobombing someone went viral. Golf hasn't seen a Twitter presence like this since, well, #Dufnering.

But this wedding day music video might top it all. Dufner putting on a suit. Dufner saying his vows. Dufner kissing Amanda. Dufner dancing with Amanda. Dufner gazing up at fireworks. Dufner kissing Amanda some more. Do yourself a favor and check it out:

There's nothing especially funny about the video. In fact, it's beautifully put together. It just involves Jason Dufner. And that makes it funny.

The reigning PGA champ has become golf's (sports'?) undisputed king of unintentional comedy. And it doesn't appear this wave of #Dufsanity is going to end anytime soon.