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Jason Dufner wants to replace Phil Jackson as Knicks president

June 28, 2017

If you have a Twitter account, and happened to log in on Wednesday, by now you are fully aware that Phil Jackson is out as president of the New York Knicks. This is fantastic news for Knicks fans, who have been desperate for one tiny shred of hope over this disastrous past few years.

Now, the search is on for Phil's replacement. At this point, anyone on earth (except Isaiah Thomas) would be suitable. As long as it's someone who wouldn't dare consider trading Kristaps Porzingis, utter the word "triangle" or pocket $60 million without producing a single notable result.

Someone like Jason Dufner.

Looks like Dufner knows the Knicks very well, and he fits all of the aforementioned criteria. No experience you say? Phil Jackson had no front office experience prior to becoming president either! James Dolan, if you're reading this and you want to save the Knicks, hire Duf.