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Jason Dufner tells Howard Stern: "Yeah, I grabbed her butt"

August 13, 2013

Jason Dufner has serious bragging points now on his buddy Keegan Bradley. Even though they both have a PGA Championship to their names, Dufner got to appear on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM Radio on Tuesday morning, Bradley's favorite show.

Listeners got a glimpse into what makes Dufner such a well-liked guy on tour and discovered that the man who doesn't show much emotion on the course has a pretty good sense of humor. During the 30-minute interview, Dufner told Stern you could fit 43 beers in the Wanamaker Trophy, discussed fans yelling "Baba Booey" and other absurdities, and talked about squeezing the butt of his wife, Amanda, in celebration after the 72nd hole at Oak Hill CC.

Here are some other highlights:

__ On fans yelling 'Baba Booey' __

--Stern: "You know what you need to do? After you hit a ball at [The Barclays at Liberty National], you gotta scream out "Baba Booey!"

--Stern: "It's a phenomenon. On the one hand, I understand golf is a game of concentration. And anybody yelling anything out is verboten. But it's usually after the guy hits. But does it ever enter your psyche, like, 'After I hit this ball, someone's going to yell Baba Booey?'

--Dufner: "No, I never think of that. It doesn't bother me. Like you said, nobody does it while we're swinging or before we're swinging. It happens afterwards. Obviously, people are trying to get noticed. And clowning away that way. But sometimes the stuff is pretty funny that they say, you know?"

--Stern: "I don't understand the mashed potatoes thing."

--Dufner: "I don't know what that is. Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes. People plugging their business. It's like, OK."

__ On getting his first major __

--Robin Quivers: "How do you feel for those guys who are on tour for so long, but they've never won a major?"

--Stern: "Screw 'em. Who cares!

--Dufner: "Like Howard said. What'd you say Howard?"

--Stern: "Screw 'em! It's not your problem! You have your own thing going."


Jason Dufner doesn't want to let go of his Wanamaker Trophy. Photo: Courtesy of Amanda Dufner on Instagram

__ On the celebatory butt squeeze __

--Stern: "There are golf groupies though, right?"

--Dufner: "Oh yeah."

--Stern: "Like you come off the course, and there's so many chicks."

--Dufner: "Yeah, it's like every other sport. But I stay away from that. I'm married."

--Robin: "Yeah I was just going to say, he's married. And they were making comments about the hug you gave your wife."

--Dufner: "Yeah, I grabbed her butt."

--Stern: "See, you can't win. If you're into your wife and your grab her ass, you get in trouble."

--Dufner: "Yup."

--Stern: "And if you're not into your wife, and you cheat on her, you get in trouble."

__ Who's the biggest a**hole on tour? __

--Stern: "Do you hate some of the other golfers?"

--Dufner: "Not that I hate."

--Stern: "We'll name names in a minute. But what do they do that gets under your skin?"

--Dufner: "Guys are just jerks sometimes, you know? Most of the time nothing plays out, because golfers are pretty soft. But I've seen guys do stuff that if it happened in an NFL or NBA locker room, there'd be fists thrown."

--Stern: "Who's the biggest jerk that you've met in golf? Just give me one name."

--Dufner: "Wow, you're putting me on the spot."

__ On Dufner's deadpan personality __

--Stern: "The wrap against you is, you're a really nice guy. But you don't show a lot of emotion on the golf course. And in a way, that probably bugs you right?"

--Dufner: "In a way, yeah. But that's just who I am, and I try to be true to who I am. Me fist-pumping and yelling and screaming just isn't me."

--Stern: "Do you miss out on endorsements because of your personality?"

--Dufner: "I think it plays into my favor. You know, everybody can kind of identify with me. Just being who I am, people can identify with that. So I've played that angle of it a little bit, and it's worked for me. Like the every man."


Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell joined Dufner in #Dufnering as a part of his media tour this morning. Photo: Courtesy of CBS This Morning.

__ On Keegan Bradley's twitchy routines on the course __

--Dufner: "Keegan has a lot of superstitions. He takes his hat off after he misses every putt and scratches his head."

--Stern: "Do you ever call him out on it?"

--Dufner: "Yeah, I bust him all the time."

--Stern: "Do you think he might have OCD? Is that what it is?"

-Dufner: "Could be."

__ More on 'Baba Booey' __

--Dufner: "What we need to do is have Baba Booey go to Jersey City next week [for the Barclays], and do it there."

--Stern: "And actually do the 'Baba Booey' there."

--Dufner: "Yep."

--Stern: "I wonder if this'll continue in golf, or if it's just a passing fad."

--Dufner: "I don't know, man. It has been going on all year. I think it started at the beginning of the year, and it has just kept rolling. You hear "Baba Booey" and people are saying "Chewbacca."

__ On Tiger Woods __

--Stern: (In discussing Tiger Woods' personal scandal) "I think he should go back to what he was doing, just juggling multiple women and all that stuff."

Dufner: "But he's playing so well this year again. I think once he gets over the hump of winning a major, he'll be back to winning multiple majors again."

__ On rising to the top of the game __

--Stern: "Did a coach ever say to you, listen, 'It's great you're on the team and stuff. But don't go into it professionally, it's going to screw your whole life up. it's gonna be difficult.' "

Dufner: "Yeah there were some people. I remember, actually in high school, they would ask you, 'What are you going to do with my life?' And I'd say, 'I'm going to play professional golf.' And they were like, 'Oh, no. No. Don't do that. That's a pipe dream. You're an idiot.' "

__ On wife Amanda, and his high school resume __

--Stern: "Did you get laid a lot in high school?"

--Dufner: "Not too much. Golfers don't get laid too much."

--Stern: "How'd you meet your wife though?"

--Dufner: "Through mutual friends."

--Stern: "'Cuz everybody says your wife's way too hot for you."

--Dufner: "She probably is. Why wouldn't I do that, right?"

--Stern: "Hey, that's fine. You can say that about me, too."