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Jason Dufner looks like a lean mean golfing machine

February 24, 2015

After battling a neck injury throughout the 2014 season, Jason Dufner had a tough decision to make.

"If I didn't do it, I wasn't going to be able to play golf," Jason Dufner said of his weight loss last month. "I missed the playoffs, missed the defense of my PGA Championship. More than likely missed playing in the Ryder Cup because of it. So, not really ready to give the game of golf up yet."

And so Dufner knuckled down. He didn't really change his workout plan but he completely overhauled his diet, which he says is 80 percent of the reason for his weight loss. He went 11 straight weeks without any fast food, chocolate or peanut butter, and continues pretty much gluten-free nowadays: No sugar, processed foods, alcohol or soda. He lost 20 pounds in all.

"The first five days sucked," Dufner said. "I felt terrible, I laid in bed for five days, literally. Headaches and not feeling good. But trying to get all that toxin out of you."

But on the plus side, he looks great! Stephanie Wei snapped a picture of Dufner on the range of the Honda Classic looking like a new man.

Here's @JasonDufner's new look.... "@thepyrexkid: @StephanieWei can we get some visual evidence ?!"

— Stephanie Wei (@StephanieWei) February 24, 2015 And just to put things in perspective, here's that same picture of him alongside one of him snapped in late 2013.