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Jason Day's PGA win was met with a massive outpouring of congratulations

August 16, 2015

With every major -- heck, with every tournament -- there is usually a healthy outpouring of congratulations on social media. With Jason Day at Whistling Straits, though, you could tell it was different.

There are all sorts of reasons why Day's win was particularly popular among golfers and golf fans. There is the fact that Day came from extremely humble beginnings. He was so poor growing up in Australia that his father used to fish clubs out of the garbage to give his son something to practice with. There is the fact that Day has come so close in a number of majors, including the two preceding this one. And there is the fact that Day is known as an exceptionally nice guy.

Throw in the fact that his son Dash is really cute, and it led to a practical Jason Day love-fest in the aftermath of his three-shot win.

To wit: