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Jason Day's left-handed swing is better than your right-handed swing

February 03, 2017

Jason Day's swing is a thing of beauty, with silent shoulders and a strong rotary movement creating poetry in motion. On a tour with numerous enviable swings, Day's bows down to few in terms of power, efficiency and repeatability. "Well, yeah," you think, "of course he has a great swing; he's the No. 1 player in the world." True, but did you know Day's left-handed swing is still a work of art?

Take a look:

Day is far from the first player to flaunt this feat; Phil Mickelson famously beat his Ryder Cup teammates at a closest-to-the-pin contest playing as a righty. That said, this act never seizes to amaze.

Although, there is in inherent downside to these videos. Mainly, the realization that these guys, even with their opposite-handed swings, are still better than us.