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Jan Stephenson to write a book, discusses her relationship with Donald Trump

December 21, 2015

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Jan Stephenson, the former LPGA star who famously was photographed in a bathtub full of golf balls, is going to write a book, Australian AP reports, and “it’ll be a ripper,” she said. She will include her friendship with Donald Trump. “He promised to make me a star,” she said. “We played golf together all the time and we used to hang out at Regine's and 21 Club in New York. Donald always made sure he could be seen with me as much as I wanted to be seen with him.”


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Masters champion Jordan Spieth returned to Augusta National last week and Scott Michaux of the Augusta Chronicle recounts his visit here. “To walk down to that last locker and see who his locker mate was, that really hit him,” Spieth’s father Shawn said. “The look on his face I’ll never forget, which in turn choked me up.” Spieth’s locker mate is Arnold Palmer.