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Jamaican bobsled coach quits Olympic team...and apparently is taking the team's sled with her

February 15, 2018
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Alexander Hassenstein

Remember that kid who would take his ball home if he wasn't getting up enough shots when you were growing up, ruining the rest of your afternoon because he wasn't getting his way? He was the worst. (If you're reading this Ryan Ruesing, know that I still use your name synonymously for prima donnas and crybabies. You loser.)

Well that kid has emerged at the Olympics in the form of Sandra Kiriasis, head of the Jamaican bobsled team.

Or should we say "former" head. Kiriasis told the BBC that the country's bobsled federation attempted to change her role to "track performance analyst," which would limit her interaction with the team's athletes. A former gold medalist herself, Kiriasis said the move was so embarrassing that she was forced to quit.

"I've never known such disappointment in this sport, in my life," she told the BBC.

Losing your coach days before your Olympic run would be bad enough, but Kiriasis is going a step further, saying that it was through her contacts that the team's bobsled was procured. Meaning, if she doesn't get paid for the sled, she's taking it with her.

Which, hey, we get feeling burned. But screwing over the players (Is that what you call them? Bobsledders?) because of your beef with a bunch of suits is not a good look. Besides, pretty sure you can't check a bobsled at the airport gate.

On the bright side, if this leads to a reboot of Cool Runnings, we're all for it.