Workplace Hazards

Eagles fans nearly killing Jalen Hurts at FedEx Field was somehow the second-most insane moment of Week 17

By now, you've seen the video of Antonio Brown removing his jersey and shoulder pads, his black cut-off undershirt and his white gloves, throwing them into the MetLife Stadium crowd, and jogging across one of the end zones and into the locker room. It is, by far, the most insane thing he's ever done, which is saying a LOT, as many of you know:

Brown was later photographed on social media waiting for a ride outside of the stadium, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said he was no longer on the team following Tampa's comeback win over the Jets. Credit where credit is due, there is not a moment this NFL season that will top Brown's exit, at least in terms of sheer absurdity. 

HOWEVA, not long after Brown made all that commotion there was some serious commotion in Washington, D.C., where the Philadelphia Eagles clinched a playoff spot with a 20-16 win (and later, a 49ers win and Vikings loss) over the WFT. Eagles fans who made the short two-and-a-half hour trip were understandably elated, and many of them crowded the section near the exit from the field to the locker room. Hurts, soaking it all in, made his way there, raised his hands for some high fives and was nearly crushed by a pile of Philly phreaks. Check out the wild clip: 

My goodness, where to begin. We'll start with the good, which is that Hurts' Madden awareness rating, pocket presence, juke rating, etc., all of it should be raised to 100 right this second. This group of Eagles fans didn't know it at the time, but they came narrowly close to ending their team's season and possibly the franchise right there. Hurts was able to duck out of the way, luckily, and then had the presence of mind to help the folks up and even began taking pictures with them, which is the most Eagles fans thing I've ever seen. The kid is everything you want in your starting NFL quarterback. 

Second, and more importantly, EL OH EL FedEx Field. Remember earlier this season when there was literal poop raining from the ceiling there? OK, so it wasn't poop (so they say), but it was still an embarrassing thing to happen inside of an NFL stadium. Now Dan Synder has people falling through railings because the place is such a dump. If any of these folks wake up with a little crick in there neck, they should sue Snyder into another dimension, though knowing him he'll somehow skate free. Also, how about the security just ... not securing anything or anyone until like the 38-second mark? The futility of that organization, from top-to-bottom, can all be seen in that 49-second video.