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Jacob deGrom posted a laugh-out-loud stat line against a Single-A team, seems healthier than ever

What the most pessimistic New York Mets fans have feared (so, all of them)—a serious Jacob deGrom injury—has been hanging over the franchise like a black cloud in 2021. He's been scratched from a few starts, each time citing the type of ailment that would lead one to believe that a "Jacob deGrom, out for the season" ESPN alert is going to ding on the iPhone at any second.

The two saving graces, though, have been that deGrom's velocity has been fine throughout these nervy times, and he's still pitched like the eventual Cy Young winner. On Thursday night, Mets fans received another huge sigh of relief in the form of an utterly dominant deGrom start in a Single-A game. Now, you're probably saying yeah, he should dominate a Single-A start. But that doesn't make this stat line he posted any less hilarious:

I mean, laugh-out-loud funny, don't care if it's against minor leaguers or a bunch of tee-ball kids. He damn near struck out everyone he faced, and the one guy that got on base reached on an error. The dude went down to Low-A and pumped 102-mph: 

Credit to whoever is the social media manager of the Palm Beach Cardinals, who had plenty of fun at their own team's expense. Don't have any other choice when the best pitcher in the MLB is doing best pitcher in the MLB things in a rehab start:  

Luckily for the Beach Birds, it's all over now. The bad man can't hurt you anymore. He's likely on his way back to N.Y. Deep breaths, Mets fans, deep breaths.