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Jack Nicklaus made an ace at the Par 3 and the Internet loved it

April 08, 2015

People make aces all the time in the Par 3 contest. There were 80 in tournament history before this year, including a record five in 2002. But when Jack Nicklaus makes a hole in one -- a 75-year-old Jack Nicklaus who barely plays golf anymore -- it's a big deal.

Here's the moment that upstaged every other storyline, Tiger Woods included, during ESPN's telecast of the Wednesday exhibition:

And understandably Twitter exploded: [#twitter: https://twitter.com/StephenCurry30/status/585888862292946944] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/585888971705733121] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/funnycaddy/status/585898217616867328] Curiously enough, Nicklaus appeared on SportsCenter on Wednesday before the Par 3 and indicated an ace was in the cards. [#twitter: https://twitter.com/notthefakeSVP/status/585893050175594496]