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Jack Nicklaus Has Gone Fishin'

October 12, 2009

For my most recent Away Game on Central Oregon, which appeared in the October Issue of Golf Digest, I called Jack Nicklaus. He designed one of two courses at Pronghorn and I know he appreciates a good river for fishing, so I asked him if he had ever fished the Deschutes. He told me the following story about "the fish that Jack lost." Here's Nicklaus in his own words, and voice. (Not having pictures of Nicklaus fishing in the 60's, I used a few images from Dom Furore's take in 2004, when Furore was invited to tag along on a fishing trip to Russia with Jack and his sons.) Click the picture to play the video.

And here's a link to the Nicklaus Q&A. We discussed design, travel and fishing.

--Matty G.