Add Some Spring To Your Swing

May 19, 2013


An image I like to use for my full swing is that of a pitcher throwing a baseball. As the torso and arms wind up, the right knee flexes and braces, the weight shifts back onto the right heel, the hips coil around tighter and tighter, then--POW!--the spring is released and the ball rockets to the catcher.

If your shots lack zip, throw a couple of golf balls down the driving range, then try for the same feel in your swing.


Growing up, I played a lot of baseball, so I got a good look at a number of pitchers. One of the things that always struck me is that the motion of a proper golf swing is similar to throwing a ball. Just like a right-handed pitcher, you need to get your weight to your right side as your arms go back and then lead with your lower body toward the target before your arms come through. In other words, you create coil by throwing a ball from the ground up, and you should swing a golf club the same way.

Begin the downswing by planting your front heel, then get your legs going toward the target, followed by your torso and finally your hands and arms (above). That's how you build stability and maximize clubhead speed. Just like a major-league pitcher whipping a fastball across the plate.

Jack Nicklaus writes only for Golf Digest. In this series he looks back at his classic lessons published in the magazine.