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Izzo's new rangefinder keeps it simple

January 03, 2012

Three years ago, Izzo Golf introduced a GPS rangefinder called the Swami 1500 that had access to 20,000 courses in the U.S. and Canada, though only 10 at a time and at that for an annual subscription fee of $10.

"You had to do it through a computer terminal," Izzo president Travis Worth said. "It was very successful. We sold over 50,000 units. But you're dealing with consumers who may or not be computer savvy people. Despite whatever instructions you gave them, they'd figure out a way to do things wrong."

The solution? The new Swami 3000, which features all 20,000 courses built into the unit, with no annual fee.

"It has front, center and back measurements (to greens) and that's all it gives you," Worth said. "There's no distance to a sand trap, hazard or dogleg. It's a basic unit and you can learn to use it in two minutes and speed up play."

The Swami 3000 sells for $99.99 and comes with a wall charger. Also available are a cart mount, a belt clip and a car charger.

-- John Strege