It's Play 9 Day, which means we should all skip work and go play golf

It's Play 9 day! Does your boss know? You should tell your boss.

In case you're not already familiar, "Play 9" is a joint USGA-PGA-Golf Digest initiative that aims to bring more people into the game by encouraging them to play nine holes more often. Not having enough time is undoubtedly one of the biggest obstacles to people playing more golf, and nine holes is a pretty handy way around that. You may remember those Rickie Fowler commercials about it around the time of the U.S. Open.


As part of the initiative, the USGA is hosting a tournament through its website. And if this post has suddenly inspired you to leave work and go play a quick nine, here's a list of the country's most nine-hole friendly courses, many of whom are offering special rates as part of the initiative.