News & ToursJuly 14, 2014

It's only Monday at the British Open, but Miguel Angel Jimenez is as interesting as ever

By Cory Bradburn

There's never a dull moment with Miguel Angel Jimenez -- even during a practice round.

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Here he is daydreaming about which red wine he will enjoy tonight.


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And imagining the cigar he will smoke to complement it.


Oh look, he's already enjoying a cigar!


"I don't always look at my yardage book, but when I do, it is with my favorite cigar."


Pot bunkers want him to hit his ball in them, simply to be graced by his presence.


"You will go to your home now!"


There, just like I told you.


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No matter what Miguel shoots this week, there's no doubt he will entertain us. Enjoy the British Open, my friends.

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