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It should be illegal to lose a bet like many lost Kentucky -13.5 on this stupid buzzer beater

After college football season ends, gamblers quickly turn over a new leaf and start mixing it up with college basketball. The most dangerous part about betting on that sport, besides the end-of-game free throw shooting, is that there are games on Monday through Sunday, often too many to count each night. If you bet enough of them, you are bound to get daggered at some point by the type of ending that occurred in the Kentucky vs. Texas A&M game on Tuesday night.

Depending on when you got them, the 10-3, No. 18 ranked Wildcats were between a 12 and 14 point favorite at Rupp Arena over the struggling 6-6 Aggies. With seconds on the clock remaining, Kentucky bettors were in the clear, as they lead 85-71. There was literally no reason for Texas A&M to do anything with its final, two-second possession. Often times you'll see teams down that big just accept defeat and dribble it out. Aggies sophomore guard Savion Flagg had other ideas, taking the inbound and launching an extremely unnecessary and extremely unlikely last-second half-court heave. You already know what happened next:

As if that wasn't bad enough for those who took Kentucky -13.5, the two commentators twisted around the proverbial knife until you begged for mercy. It may sound funny on Sunday Night Football when Al Michaels says things like "looks like this game is not ... OVER yet," but when it's your wager that the broadcasters are hinting at by saying "oh boy, that shot meant a lot to some," you want to reach through the TV and strangle them.

As @WillToy pointed out in the Twitter replies, the story of this bad beat gets much worse. Apparently, the game had already ended and the coaches were shaking hands, but the refs had to call a shot clock violation on Kentucky as they dribbled the clock out, leaving two seconds on the clock and setting up Flagg's meaningless buzzer beater:

Brutal indeed. As always though, there are winners out there who had the Aggies +13.5, and I'm sure they slept like babies last night.