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"It really helped me get through it." Lindsey Vonn opens up about Tiger Woods

October 29, 2013

The horrific skiing accident that tore two ligaments and broke one of Lindsey Vonn's legs left her sidelined for eight months, which might have been longer if not for Tiger Woods, she said.

Speaking to the Today Show's Matt Lauer on Monday, Vonn spoke candidly about her accident, which forced her to be airlifted from the site back in February, and how her relationship with golf's World No. 1 helped her through it.

"He's very patient and he's very mentally tough" Vonn said. "He's a grinder. He works extremely hard, and he's obviously also had an ACL injury as well and had the same surgery, so he knew what I was going through. He said just be patient, keep working hard, and everything is going to turn around. It really helped me get through it."

Check out the full clip below:

And Today wasn't the only network treated to some delightful insights into the Vonn-Woods relationship. Here she is later in the day on Letterman, talking about Tiger's skiing abilities.