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It looks like there's a conspiracy against holes-in-one going on at the Euro Tour event in Turkey

November 05, 2017

Does the Turkish Airlines Open have something against holes-in-one? OK, so it sounds like a rather loony conspiracy theory about this otherwise highly reputable European Tour event. But have you seen the way the flagsticks have been thwarting the good fortunes of several players this week at Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort in Antalya, Turkey?

It began on Thursday when Justin Rose was robbed of an ace on the 14th hole. You've got to see it to believe it.

OK, bad luck. Happens to the best of them, right?

Well, then on Friday, Shane Lowry found a similarly unfortunate break when his drive on the the same 14th hole, a 172-yard meany, was tracking to the bottom of the cup, until the flagstick intervened.

It got to the comical, however, on Saturday when Thomas Pieters was also denied the sweet sweet joy of making a 1 on … wait for it … the 14th HOLE!!

The European Tour conveniently put all three side by side to help anyone who wants to officially open an investigation. Or who maddeningly has been thwarted in making an ace themselves.

And here is a not so amused Justin Rose.