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It looks like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player are in for #SB2K17, and now this REALLY needs to happen

April 27, 2016

A day after Gary Player asked for – and received – an invite to next year’s spring break festivities (#SB2K17) from today's young stars, Jack Nicklaus accepted the offer. Is this really going to happen? Please make this happen.

Way to step up, Jack, but who said anything about two weeks? Is the new guy already trying to assert himself as the director of travel? That's bold.

The inclusion of these two golf legends came about when Player shared a photo of he and Nicklaus taking a spring break of their own -- a safari to South Africa -- some five decades ago. Smylie Kaufman quickly responded by adding them to the guest list. What a polite young man, eh?

Nicklaus and Player’s combined number of majors won, 27, equals the age of Rickie Fowler, the oldest golfer on this year’s trip. Some more numbers? Nicklaus is 76 and Player is 80, nearly four times the age of Jordan Spieth.

There are so many questions as to how the inclusion of Nicklaus and Player will play out in the next 12 months (Biggie or Bing? Tequila or Brandy?). In the meantime, someone better get these two signed up on Snapchat.