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It gets worse: O.J. Simpson's golf buddies hired a caddie to keep him from cheating

June 23, 2016

Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

ESPN Films' new O.J.: Made in America, has been lauded as one of the network's best documentary efforts. And rightly so. The five-part series examinies O.J. Simpson's rise and fall, America's criminal justice system, not to mention its views on race and celebrities. The whole thing is comprehensive and utterly fascinating.

Of course, working at Golf Digest, my ears perked up every time golf was referenced. And it happened a lot due to The Juice's love of the game (Although the couple swings he showed indicated that despite all his time on the course, he wasn't very good). In no particular order, here were six of those golf connections in the film.

1. O.J.'s golf buds hired a caddie to keep him from cheating
Apparently, O.J. had a bit of a reputation when it came to bending the rules on the course. It got so bad that some of his regular playing partners started hiring a caddie to keep an eye on Simpson. They even had a name for it: "Juice Patrol."

Despite O.J.'s rep, though, his friends tolerated it, in large part due to Simpson's charm -- something that came up a lot during the documentary. "It was funny," friend Fred Levinson said. "It was very hard to get mad at him."


Sports Illustrated/Getty Images