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Is Tiger Woods really "lost?" 6 prominent theories about his current struggles

Everyone has a theory about why Tiger Woods is struggling so much with his game, and on Tuesday, Sean O'Hair added his name to that not-so-exclusive list. Rather than briefly explain what he said -- in short, that he was "lost" -- we thought it would be more useful to compile a list of the most prominent theories surrounding Tiger's current malaise.

He's Lost A Sense Of Meaning

Figuratively, not literally. Tiger's in a state of confusion, some say, not sure where or how to move forward. Michael Bamberger touched on it in a recent Golf.com column, suggesting that Tiger played better with a chip on his shoulder.

"He's lost and the only reason why I say that is because I see it in his eyes," Sean O'Hair said. "I see it in how he's playing because that's where I've been. I've been living it."

He Can't Play

__We should be very clear that rumors of Woods being suspended have been strongly refuted by Woods' agent and the PGA Tour; even the journeyman pro, Dan Olsen, responsible for spreading the rumor has retracted his remarks. Nevertheless, sometimes there's no satisfying conspiracy theories.

Nothing Is Wrong__

__Tiger's various statements on his website have been predictably cryptic. If we take them at face value, then we're left with the conclusion that nothing is really wrong: He's just playing badly, which happens sometimes, and all he needs is a little more time to practice.