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Is this tour pro violating the anchoring ban? Another tour pro thinks so

January 15, 2016

With the USGA giving golfers more than two and a half years to prepare for the anchor ban, we didn't expect any controversies once the new rule finally went into effect. But we also didn't account for the existence of The Secret Tour Pro.

Whoever he (they?) is, took to Twitter on Friday to question the legality of Japanese star Shingo Katayama's putting stroke:

Katayama is playing in this week's EurAsia Cup. Apparently, The Secret Tour Pro isn't, providing us with another clue to revealing his true identity. Or maybe he's just throwing us off the scent by pretending he isn't playing in the event. Man, is he (they) crafty. Regardless, he wasn't done with Katayama:

STP then clarified what he meant by that tweet:

And finally, added this suggestion to the USGA's new rule:

In other words, if you thought you were done hearing about the anchoring ban, think again.