Is this the preferred divot pattern for the driving range?

November 11, 2015

Golf has its share of schismatic arguments. Are drivers getting too hot? Should out-of-bounds markers be treated as lateral hazards? And is Caddyshack overrated? (Note: I broke up with a girl who uttered this phrase. No regrets.)

But one of the biggest dividing lines is: What is the proper divot pattern when hitting balls at the driving range? Golf Digest's Tim Rosaforte found this out the hard way.

Rosie posted a seemingly innocuous tweet Wednesday morning on Senior PGA Champion Michael Allen's range work:

Judging by the reaction, you would have thought Rosaforte weighed in on The Dress.

Poor Rosie. All the man was trying to do was remark on Allen's smooth swing and repeatable turf interaction, and he accidentally opened Pandora's (tee) box.

For what it's worth, the estimable Luke Kerr-Dineen put in his two cents on the subject earlier this year. While we are siding with Luke, we are open to discourse.

Just leave Rosie out of this.