Is golf the most boring sport to watch? One recent study ranks it above all else

January 10, 2018

Even the most die-hard golf fans among us must realize the sport isn't must-watch TV all the time. Those of us who identify as true golf fans don't care—we'll watch the Thursday round of the Sony Open and be enthralled by some little-known pro facing a six-foot par putt on the sixth hole of his first round. It might not be dramatic, but it's golf—so we're watching.

But a new study conducted by British outlet YouGov attempts to quantify how the rest of the population might feel. According to this group of Brits surveyed, golf is the most boring sport to watch on TV. Keep in mind, golf was invented over in the United Kingdom. You won't find a bigger golf-loving population. Yet they don't love watching golf on TV as much as we'd hope. Sad.

Don't be ashamed, fellow golf-loving friends. Not everybody can appreciate the subtleties of professional golf. We're among the enlightened ones.

And a bit of context is needed. Consider that American football is second on this list. Guessing a share of Americans would argue that point.

But darts ranked higher than golf? Seriously...DARTS? Be better, Brits.